The intraoral soft tissue examination includes checking the soft tissues of the mouth, the throat, the tongue
and the gums, lips and labial mucosa.
The clinician will begin by examining the lips and the mucosa inside the lips called the labial mucosa. The labial mucosa will be examined by gently turning the lip out. The labial mucosa should appear wet and shiny. Scars inside the lower lip are seen frequently as a result of trauma as a child.
The clinician will then examine the inside of the cheeks, called the buccal mucosa, using two mirrors to retract the buccal mucosa to one side. This examination will be performed in a thorough and stepwise manner, moving from one side to the other. The mucosa should be smooth, moist and shiny. If the mirror sticks to the
mucosa, xerostomia or dry mouth may be present.

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