This movie will show you in few steps, how to cope with orthodontic treatment of class II division II. .The class II division 2 differs from division 1 by the following characteristic: the discrepancy between the upper and lower teeth does not match the discrepancy between the upper and lower teeth where the molars and canines are located (red and blue arrows). The upper incisors are tipped backward and hide the fact that the lower jaw is farther back. Moreover, the upper incisors hide the lower teeth completely. This type of exaggerated vertical covering is called supraocclusion (deep overbite).

Classic class II division 2

Notice the upper left lateral incisor which is tipped forward unlike the three other incisors. The classic class II division 2 shows the lateral incisors tipped forward and the central incisors tipped backward.


Amr Asker

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