What does ” open bite” mean? Open bite is a type of orthodontic malocclusion which has been estimated to occur in 0.6% of the people in the United States. This type of malocclusion has no vertical overlap or contact between the anterior incisors. The prevalence varies between different populations, for instance, occurring with 16% in black people and 4% in white people. The term “open bite” was coined by Carevelli in 1842.Open bite malocclusion can happen due to several reasons. It may be genetic in nature, leading to a skeletal open bite or can be caused by functional habits which may lead to the dental open bite. In the earlier age, the open bite may occur due to a transitional change from primary to the permanent dentition. Some factors that may cause an open bite are for example tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, long-term usage of the pacifier, macroglossia airway obstruction, adenoid hypertrophy nasal concha hypertrophy.

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