Nance Appliance can be used to slightly expand or rotate the upper molars or hold the molars in place, following the movement of teeth- it depends on the need of the patient. The appliance is commonly used to prevent upper molars from drifting forward. It is sometimes used as a fixed upper retainer.This fixed appliance fits across the roof of the mouth. Bands are placed on the upper arch of the two back molars. A wire is used to connect the inside of the bands. A piece of acrylic, which fits against the roof of the mouth, sits in the center of the wire. The patient can choose the color of the acrylic.A Nance Appliance can be placed in the mouth, generally three to four months following the movement of teeth.While the appliance is fixed in the mouth, patients should brush their teeth as normal. However, the roof of the mouth should be brushed thoroughly. This will prevent the gums around the appliance from getting swollen or inflamed.Patients should not drink carbonated beverages, or eat hard foods, like popcorn, nuts, Doritos and nachos nor sticky foods like caramel, taffy and or gummy bears, while wearing the appliance. This will prevent damage to the appliance.

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