The most commonly impacted premolar is the mandibular second premolar ). Impaction of maxillary premolars is not common. Both maxillary and mandibular premolar impactions are typically located in a midalveolar or lingual/palatal position. An impacted mandibular premolar usually can be palpated if it is positioned lingually (see Fig 5-3d). Appropriate radiographs should be taken to ascertain the exact location of the tooth (see Figs 5-2c and 5-2d). If the tooth cannot be palpated, it is usually in a midalveolar or palatal position. It is uncommon to find an impacted maxillary or mandibular premolar on the buccal surface. Impacted premolars can get uncovered with one of two techniques: the closed eruption technique or the preorthodontic uncovering technique.

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