Produced by: Dental Movies –
Planing and surgery by: Łukasz Zadrożny DDS and Katarzyna Brus-Sawczuk DDS, PhD
Immediate implantation and loading of 11.Treatment of late post trauma external resorption of 11.
Procedures below are in the movie:
– local anesthesia
– sulcular incision with 15C blade
– mesio-distal luxation
– minimally invasive extraction
– severe root resorption
– curettage and examination of buccal plate
– rinsing with Metronidazole
– alveolus depth measurement
– cutting palatal wall with round bur
– 2,0 twist drill (Osstem GS Kit)
– initial osteotomy
– position control
– depth checking
– axis correction with Side cut drill (Osstem GS Kit)
– final osteotomy with 3,0 mm twist drill (Osstem GS Kit)
– rinsing with Metronidazole
– collagen sponge put buccaly to the osteotomy
– implantation of 4,5×10 Osstem TSIII fixture
– checking the position
– implant mount removal
– deeper implant placement, according to buccal plate level
– gently utting small particcle BONEFILL® Porous between implant (cover screw) and buccal plate
– uncovering the cover screw
– placing of PEEK easy adjustable temporary abutment (Quick Temporary Abutment, hex, 5,5)
– adjusting the abutment
– preparation of temporary crown with flowable composite (Gradia, GC)
– adjusting composite tooth lab prepared before surgery
– putting it on the abutment with flowable composite
– checking the occlusion
– adding flowable
– removing temporary abutment
– extraorally finishing
– polishing
– bonding agent to smooth the surface (Opti Bond Solo Pluss, Kerr)
– finished temporary crown at place
– teflon tape
– closing the access hole
– ething (Arkona) bonding and connecting with neighbouring teeth
– final, occlusion free trimming

Planing and surgery by: Łukasz Zadrożny DDS and Katarzyna Brus-Sawczuk DDS, PhD

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