Ectopic teeth refer to teeth that do not emerge and follow their normal course with regard to position in the smile. Impacted teeth refer to teeth that are prevented from pushing through the gums in their normal position.When these issue affects the canines, this can lead to the canines being higher than your other teeth. The canines may be positioned along the gumline rather than aligned with the rest of your smile, leading to cosmetic issues as well as dental health problems.There are a variety of factors that can lead to poor position of the canines. Generally, the main issue if the position of the other teeth in the mouth. If teeth are poorly spaced or crowded, this can cause an emerging canine to emerge in a different position. Genetics and family history can increase the likelihood of this issue occurring.High canines, as we noted above, can cause a variety of dental health issues. For one, the look of your smile can be negatively impacted by the high canine, leaving you feeling self-conscious around others, including loved ones. In addition, high canines can be part of an overall problem with malocclusion, or poor dental alignment. This can contribute to difficulty biting and chewing, pain while eating certain foods, and teeth grinding (bruxism).By straightening your teeth and improving overall dental alignment, these cosmetic and health issues can be avoided.

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