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The American Association of Endodontics defines resorption as, “a condition associated with either physiologic or a pathologic process resulting in a loss of dentin, cementum, and/or bone. Vital tissue is necessary for either external or internal resorption to occur.”
By this definition, internal resorption is “a defect of the internal aspect of the root following necrosis of odontoblasts as a result of chronic inflammation and bacterial invasion of the pulp tissue.” Contributing factors include caries, trauma, and restorative procedures. External resorption is “resorption initiated in the periodontium and initially affecting the external surfaces of the tooth—may be further classified as surface, inflammatory, or replacement, or by location as cervical, lateral, or apical; may or may not invade the dental pulpal space.” It may be caused by a traumatic injury, orthodontic tooth movement, or chronic infection of the pulp or periodontal structures.

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