Elastics are a kind of rubber bands used in the field of orthodontics frequently to correct different type of malocclusions. The elastic wear is prescribed by an orthodontist or a dentist in an orthodontic treatment. The longevity of the elastic wear may vary from anywhere from two weeks to several months. The elastic wear can go anywhere from 12 hours to 23 hours a day, wearing either during the night or throughout the day depending on the requirements for each malocclusion. There are many different types of elastics which may produce different forces on teeth. Therefore, using elastics with specific forces is critical in achieving an good orthodontic occlusion.
The term intermaxillary elastics is used when elastics can go from maxillary to mandibular arch. Intra-maxillary elastics are elastics used in one arch only, either mandibular or maxillary. People using elastics for orthodontic correction change their elastics 3–4 times during the day. Elastic wear is recommend to be used in a rectangular wire to minimize side effects. Elastic wear depends on the compliance of the patient. A non-compliant patient should never be instructed to continue wearing elastics. Other options may be considered for the non-compliant patients.

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