Deep bite is the most detrimental to the teeth and health of the jaw joints. It can significantly impact the appearance of your smile (facial esthetics) as the upper teeth can wear on the chewing surfaces, over time. If you have a deep bite, it means your upper front teeth bite too deeply (overlap) over the lower front teeth and your lower incisors make contact with gum tissue in the upper arch of your jaw.
This can be caused by a large upper jaw, missing lower teeth, a small lower jaw or tight oral muscular patterns. A bad bite is the result of misalignment of the teeth and jaws, often caused by genetics, but can also be due to teeth crowding, bad, worn or decayed teeth, and poor or failing dental work and missing teeth, particularly missing back teeth. Habits such as thumb sucking, clenching or grinding teeth (bruxism) can also contribute to causing such problems.If you would like to get to know how to deal with deep bite, watch the following movie.

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