Children lose baby teeth earlier than expected for several reasons. Some experience trauma to the mouth, others develop early childhood cavities, known as “baby bottle tooth decay.” The sugar content in the milk causes enamel to decay, which may result in tooth loss. Occasionally, some primary teeth may be absent because of a genetic condition. It’s unusual for children to suffer from oral infections severe enough to cause tooth loss, although it’s not impossible.Despite of why a child has missing primary teeth, it’s important to consider space maintainers to ensure he or she develops permanent teeth in correct locations. If one primary tooth is missing for more than a short period, the child risks other teeth becoming loose because they aren’t properly supported. When this happens, the loose teeth can move into the spaces intended for other teeth. This affects permanent teeth when they erupt by guiding them into incorrect positions. If your child loses primary teeth to make way shortly for permanent ones, it might not be necessary to fit maintainers. If permanent teeth are some time away, however, it is worth consulting your dentist to determine whether maintainers are a suitable option.

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