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This teenager has the lack of the two lower second premolars.
There were presented three different options with different consequences in the future.
1st option was keeping the deciduous teeth and maybe in the future to insert implants.
2nd option was extraction and mesialization with miniscrews or miniplates.
3rd option was an autotransplantation
of the upper third molars into lower premolars.
The best results were achieved with transplanted upper third molars.
Orthodontic treatment was performed by dr Maciej Cićkiewicz and procedure of the autotransplantation by dr Paweł Plakwicz.

Paweł Plakwicz, MFDS RCS
DDS. Oral Surgeon

Orthodontic Treatment
Maciej Cićkiewicz, DDS, Ph.D.
Specialist in Orthodontics

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