The film was produced for the DSD POLSKA Academy
The course is based on the concept of Dr. Christian Coachman
The DSD instructor at the Academy is Dr. Bartosz Cerkaski.
During the course and practical classes you can learn a lot about aesthetic dentistry, prosthetic work and their implementation in combination with modern technology.
Topics covered during the training are: Modern Digital Dentistry, Updated DSD Technology, DSD Ortho & Aligners, DSD Marketing & Communication, DSD Lab, Smile Design Workshops, Facial Analysis and Smile Design, DSD Planning Center & DSD App, Interdisciplinary Treatment Simulation, DSD Live Simulation, The Smile Journey & Emotional Dentistry, DSD 3D Motivational.

The guiding guests are: Dr. Francis Coachman, Dr. Ivan Malagon, Dr. Maciej Drosd, Dr. Paweł Bernatek, tech. Paulina Pokusa.

Polish Academy Digital Smile Design – Official DSD Provider in Poland

Production: Dental Movies