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Treatment of children requires a special approach by the physician, specific methods of treatment and use of appropriate materials. Regular visits to the dentist ensure that the child is adequately protected against caries and make it possible to prevent malocclusion.

Out of concern for our youngest patients, we have created a special preventive programme, including traditional diagnostics and prevention of dental caries, enriched with modern diagnostic tests and varied prophylactic preparations. With early diagnosis, we have a chance to quickly detect any diseases of soft and hard tissues, or malocclusion.

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2013 May

Preparing the laser and upper lip frenectomy

Movies shows preparation of laser and upper lip frenectomy. Movie made by Fona Dental.

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2011 Dec

Schwarz Plate

The Schwarz retainer it's made of acrylic base and components: expansion screw, modified arrowhead clasps and a labial bow with…

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2011 Dec

Brushing techniques

This movie shows how to brush teeth. There are techniques: Fones, Roll, Bass, Stillman, Charters. Cooperation: Shop-dent

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